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A Counseling Practice in Amarillo, Texas

There are times in our lives where we all need support, know that you do not have to get through this difficult time alone. 

Two Dried Leaves


Take a moment to recognize why you are here, why it is you are seeking support at this time in your life.  I invite you to keep that in mind while you learn more about me and my practice.

Therapy Services


I currently offer therapy services to College students/young adults, adults, and teens.  I also reserve slots for Teletherapy which makes therapy accessible to the rural parts of the Texas Panhandle and the state of Texas.

Yoga Services

Foggy Pier

Take a moment to notice your inhale and your exhale.  Notice how your abdomen is moving as you breathe, Next notice your ribcage, last notice your heart space.  Learn more about my trauma-informed yoga classes and private yoga sessions.

Evaluation Services

Two Dried Leaves

I reserve a limited amount of slots in my schedule for evaluations most of which come from direct referrals.  If my schedule allows, I welcome inquiries that are specific to my areas of specialization

What To Expect At Your Visit

CCS provides a safe, non-judgemental space to explore your innermost thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.  

  • Individual sessions last 45-50 minutes
  • The first session is where we will assess and explore what you are seeking to gain from therapy and any goals you might have

  • Sessions will be held in a comfortable, confidential, private office space

  • We will work collaboratively for either short or long term therapy, using evidence-based interventions catered to your unique needs

Now offering Telehealth Sessions 

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